Understanding User Roles

Every team is composed of members with different user roles. There are 5 user roles in TranslationsPress, each with a different set of responsibilities and user permissions. Here’s a look at them.

Team Owners

Owners have full access to all features and control over every settings within a team. Owners can do what the other roles can, plus the following:

  • Create/Delete projects
  • Add/Remove team managers
  • Invite people of all roles
  • Create and delete teams
  • Assign projects to different teams
  • Order translations
  • Manage/change a team’s subscription
  • Create/delete glossaries
  • Transfer projects to another team

Team Managers

Managers are responsible for managing projects in TranslationsPress. Managers can:

  • Add/Remove project languages
  • Add/Delete sources
  • Assign new project managers
  • Change project-level settings
  • Review and Proofread translations in all project languages
  • Submit translations in all project languages
  • Invite people to a team
  • Change the user roles of team members

Members as Validators

Validators play two important roles.
One in ensuring translation quality. They check translations to make sure they’re error free and meet your quality standards. Once a translation is reviewed, it cannot be edited by a Translator.
And second a project locale needs to be 95% reviewed for the Languages Packs to be created by TranslationsPress.
Reviewers can:

  • Review and Proofread translations in a specific language
  • Submit translations in a specific language

Members as Translators

Translators work to adapt your content from English – US to another. They can:

  • Submit translations in a specific language