Project Integrations

Using our little helper library called T15S Registry, you can then tell WordPress that translations for your project should be loaded from TranslationsPress.

Note: T15S Registry requires PHP 7.1 or higher.

T15S Registry

Copy the library’s code to your project. Also, on a multisite install it’s recommended to use it in a must-use plugin.


As more and more plugin developers use T15S library to deliver translations updates to their products, there is a conflict risk with another plugin/theme including a different version of the library class than you are packaging with your plugin/theme.

You should rename this class and init function name and parameters to something unique to your plugin/theme, so that it avoids conflicts.

  • your-plugin-slug
  • your-theme-slug
  • your-team-slug

Change any references of:


  • $type: either plugin or theme.
  • $slug: must match the theme/plugin directory slug.
  • $api_url: the URL to the TranslationsPress project translation API.

Note: It’s important that the slug matches the folder name of the plugin or theme.


Ideally you call add_project() in a function hooked to init, e.g. like this: