Incoming webhooks

TranslationsPress can be set up to listen to incoming webhooks from VCS repositories. This way, translations can be updated every time you push changes to your VCS repository.


  • TranslationsPress now support: GitHub and GitLab plateforms.

You need to setup a webhook in your project repository


In your GitHub repository, go to Settings -> Webhooks. You might need to enter your password.

  1. Click on “Add webhook”.
  2. Set as the payload URL.
  3. Choose application/json as the content type.
  4. Enter and remember the secret key.
  5. In the “Which events would you like to trigger this webhook?” section, select “Just the push event”.

To complete the process copy the secret key (step 4) in your Team settings.


In your GitLab repository, go to Settings -> Integrations.
If you have a GitLab paid plan, you can use Group WebHooks feature. In your group, go to Settings -> Webhooks.

  1. URL:
  2. Enter and remember your “Secret Token”
  3. Trigger: Push events

To complete the process copy the secret token (step 2) in your Team settings.